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Tucker Tours Maginot Line tours, Sedan France

Guided Tours of especially selected Maginot Line Defences in the Sedan / Ardennes region of France

Hotel Chateau Fort, Sedan France

Accommodation, Sedan Ardennes:

Sedan offers a wide selection of hotels, ranging from economy up to exclusive and luxurious accommodation.

If you are looking for a historic and memorable stay in Sedan, Tucker Tours recommends the Hôtel Le Château Fort de Sedan. Situated inside the impressive medieval castle and surrounding fortifications, Hôtel Le Château Fort is a unique location from which to base your Maginot Line adventure.

How to get to Sedan, Ardennes:

Sedan lies 20km from Charleville-Mezieres in the Ardennes and is easily accessible by road using the French motorway system. Sedan now boasts a fast TGV train service via Reims, in the heart of Champagne country, direct from Paris. If you are travelling from London with Eurostar, arriving at Paris Nord Station, the French TGV train leaves from Paris Est station to Charleville-Mezieres. Paris Est is just 10 minutes walk from Paris Nord.

Sedan Railway Station Sedan Ardennes France
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